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But, Jeff ebony porn video gallery that Roger is an alien, which forces Stan to choose between killing Roger or Jeff in naked to keep the secret under wraps. Also, Steve learns that his peers have grown their adult butts, while his remains as flat as a pancake, causing a great deal of ridicule for him at his high school.

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This is another laugh-out-loud amrican from my beloved American Dad series; a series that continues to make me laugh in the most unexpected ways. Barry grabs his belly, turns it into a front-butt and dances around with it. I just about lost it when he mom dancing with his belly butt.

Steve gets advice naked his mother to stuff ham shanks down his pants and the plan works well, until fatso Barry wants to eat a chunk. Another shining moment for Steve in this episode was when he was calling the emergency operator to save the donut shop from a fire and instead of telling the operator to come rescue the people within, Steve goes off on a narcissistic tangent discussing his newly discovered identity.

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Jeff is a delightful moron and the evolution of his character to what it dad now adds even more humor to the show. Although Jeff has been sent to a distant planet, I would bet money he is not gone for good from American Dad. The great thing about animated series is that anything can happen to a character one week amrican next week you can bring that same character back to the show without anyone really caring. MacFarlane actually mom a naked situation earlier this season, in the Season 8 premiere when Roger skinned Jeff alive.

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But hey, this is animation! I guess, at times, the supposed B-plot overcasts the main focus of the episode, which is especially hard to do when Roger is at the forefront. Roger is what makes American Dad as enjoyable as it is.

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American Dad continues mom outshine its big brother, Family Guy. I watch both series each week and, more often than not, find American Dad funnier, more arse to mouth compilation and more creative.

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For example, a high school principal killing drug dealers and stealing their cocaine-filled plane, while Steve and his family look on was an unexpected high point of this episode.

Family Guy might have fallen into a rut of usualness, but American Dad is just as funny now as it was in Season 1 and it achieves that by remaining fresh and creative. View the discussion thread. Sign up for our newsletter Newsletter.

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