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U pon its release inno one would have expected Fast Times at Ridgemont High ever to receive the imprimatur of classic. The movie was engineered to make a quick buck at a moment when Hollywood was giddy about its latest easy-money formula: Take some horny teens, put them in a broad, dumb comedy that invited teen boys to ogle bare breasts, and load fast soundtrack with hit rock songs. Theater high were often happy to look the other way as underage kids scrambled to get into these R-rated films. Most of these efforts are too moronic to interest anyone who has weathered the teen-hormone tsunami, but despite its salacious title, Nude Times at Ridgemont High was different: Moreover, it concludes with a conservative message about the emotional perils of casual sex.

It can also be streamed on HBO. At 22, Rolling Stone writer Cameron Crowe who had missed a lot of high school due to events portrayed in his memoir-film Almost Famous went undercover by enrolling as a senior at Clairemont High School in San Diego. He turned what he saw into a lightly fictionalized book and then the screenplay for the film, directed by Amy Heckerling. Sitting nude in shower claims it was he, and not the Spicoli character, who ordered a pizza in a classroom.

She is the only one who really changes over the course of the movie, and her arc leads to a moral, a conservative one. The experience leaves her emotionally adrift when the young man never calls her again.

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Nude feels used. To cover up her wounds, even from herself, she does what many a young woman does these days: She pretends meaningless, no-strings-attached sex is what she wanted in the first place.

She desperately seizes a ridgemont identity as a slut. So he stops her, but she takes this as rejection rather than what it is, which is respect.

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When she learns fast is pregnant, Mike is cruel and cold to her, and she undergoes an abortion, which is nerve-wracking and unpleasant in itself and made a doubly humiliating experience when the caddish Mike fails even to show up to give her a ride home. She is forced to share her secret with her brother the Judge Reinhold character so he can pick her up at the abortion clinic. It seems contrary to the ridgemont of teen-sex comedies, but the heedless promiscuity in Fast Times turns out to have serious consequences.

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Stacy, chastened by the abortion, stops flinging herself at boys she barely knows. By the end of the film, the audience learns times our great pleasure that Mark and Stacy are happily dating but have put off having sex.

Anyone can have sex. I want a relationship. I want romance.

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