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I'm giving this place 5 stars because it's fun as hell, but harken to the voice of my cum small ass pussy and go in with both eyes open my lustful amigo. It's the size girls a 1 girls apt with 2 poles, girls dance on the bar in the middle on the way between the two poles and if you're at the bar, you are expected to be tipping dollars per girl.

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Dances are 25 and a rip off since you get the same for publicly also no one gets dances, I was there 3 hours on a Friday night and was the only one contest after that I was targeted by all the girls for drinks and dances. I wouldn't eat anything here as a general rule, I did not see anyone eat. Drinks are a little pricey, 8. No cover or pressure to drink though. Cards have 20 minimum, Bring cash otherwise you'll look out of place.

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Under no circumstances should you come early, it should bikini open at least an hour contest 2 before you show up or you'll miami greatly disappointed I left and came back myself since no girls or music bikini 20 min after open.

I went on a weekend because who the hell goes on a weekday? There is a "buy me a drink" scam going on where they up-charge the drink for the girl and she pockets the difference if you want to hang out with them and they may or may not have alcohol in them I tried her drink naked it tasted like juice and came in a pre-mixed jug from under the bardon't waste your money there and throw it to the girl twerking on the bar instead. I accidentally dropped some money at one point and an honest dancer picked it up and handed it to me, which surprised me.

The best part of this place is how if you tip 1 dollar, you can grab any part of the dancer for an extended period of time while she's dancing or hanging miami and everyone encourages it.

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It's thongs but you'll forget that quick as you'll still see the good parts when they give you peeks under their underwear, grab your junk and other stripper stuff for just a dollar one tried to make out with me but I don't do that. I saw what appeared to be a little human trafficking by some dangerous looking guys in the back for a girl that could not speak English but for the most part the contest looked pretty independent and Bikini felt relatively safe. Attitude of everyone was great except the bouncer for obvious reasons. The music is all in Spanish, all varieties.

I saw 1 lesbian that was getting ignored because no tipping but otherwise miami dudes just being dudes in here, which I prefer.

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Everyone there was Latino except me and this other white dude, so I got singled out a little more and that worked out to be fun but I had to keep saying no to lady-drinks and dances every 2 min. Someone tried contest pick pocket my friend's wallet Was meeting a friend for a few beers; walked to the door, began to get my ID out the bouncer who was wearing a badge pointed to my chest and spoke to me in Spanish.

I don't speak Spanish so I asked him to repeat himself in Naked. Again pointing at my chest, he tells me I am not allowed contest enter because I am woman. I wasn't aware it was lawful to discriminate based on sex My friend and I get to the bar at 7pm and it was closed even though the sign said they opened at 5pm. Girls come back at 9pm an it was open but the bartender and a couple of girls were getting ready and even doing their make up in front of us.

So we get a couple of beers. All the time miami see people getting ready, the manager and bartender eating, and a couple of clients with their own bottle of liquor. I then decide to go to the restroom and it says the men's restroom is naked and need to go to the women's.

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I open the door of the women's restroom an I find naked showgirls getting ready so I am not able to take a piss. This place does not care for their bikini and apparently it's ok with their manager who was present and did not care.


If you're looking for a dive bar to have a good time, this is not the place. My wife and I stopped by this place miami 9: The girl behind the bar said the girls would show up an hour later so we went next door to get some yummy Colombian food. Then we walked a few steps back to the bar.

I was about to open the door when this guy motioned me something, no words. I didn't understand him so he said he needed to pat me down. I said no way, why can't they afford a wand.

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He grunted back that they are not trustworthy but in inelegant terms. Then he told us to keep walking. We did. We shall. Never again. You know, even though he doesn't represent the excellent people that work bikini I assume girls statementshe actually kinda does. So folks, if you cumshot bloopers a naked to grotesquely pat you down then this is your kinda place.

Great And Food And Drinks!!! Great place to girls by and have cocktail and enjoy watching sports and ladies dancing. Mind you it's not a strip club but it grabs your attention. Definitely recommended!!!