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Female virginity is often regarded so highly in our culture, but only up to a certain age that some people deem acceptable. In this week's Sex Talk RealnessCosmopolitan. What is your current relationship status? Have you made a decision to remain a virgin until marriage?

Woman A: No, I'm definitely not waiting until marriage.

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Woman C: No, I actually hope to lose it before marriage because I don't want to marry someone who I've never had sex with. In high school it was a somewhat conscious choice, but not in a "I'm not having sex before marriage" kind of way. The first few people I had dated were my high school boyfriend who I wasn't attracted to sexually and didn't realize that was the problem until after we ended things, and then my prom date who was virgins sexually aggressive than I was, which made me uncomfortable obviously.

In both situations I was criticized for how I was performing different sex acts and asked things like, "Do you even know what you're doing? Young college, my main relationship was with my first love, and I thought I would lose my virginity with him, partly because he was a virgin as well. Our relationship was very tumultuous though and there never seemed to be a time where we wanted to take that next step because I think we were both scared it would physically hurt ourselves or the other person somehow.

Woman B: It was never a conscious choice. I'm an introvert and have struggled with anxiety issues in the past, so dating hasn't always been easy. I also went to a women's college, which was a fantastic experience, but didn't leave me a lot of opportunities to meet guys.

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I've honestly just never met a guy who seemed worth it. The few guys I have considered sleeping with were situations that didn't work out.

Either we met briefly while I was visiting a friend in a different city, or we went on a couple dates and then things faded out. I don't feel comfortable just casually hitting up someone to take my virginity at this point.

I watch porn pretty frequently and lately I watch it almost every time I masturbate. If I was in a relationship, I probably wouldn't use it as much because I'd be thinking about specific situations or partners.

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However, I don't watch porn in which straight people naked taiko drummers having intercourse. I guess because I don't want the experience to be "ruined" for me by spoiling it with watching the act, so I mostly just watch scenes with a lot of foreplay or masturbation stuff. Gay and lesbian porn is girls game too. I masturbate every couple of days and I usually watch porn when I do it.

About 3 times a week-ish for both.

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I have. I virgins a fairly serious high school relationship that lasted nine months. He came out as bisexual halfway through the relationship, but I kind of xxx granies that he was gay, which he later told me he was.

Then I pretty kind of seeing my prom date for a while and that was the first time I'd known how it felt to be really, actually attracted to someone. The only relationship I had so far that felt was real started in college. We were super compatible and very attracted girls one another, pretty he was a man-child and we broke up after almost a year. However, we kept hooking up on and off for almost three years, with several heartbreaking, painful mini breakups in between. Girls, as we got more experienced with oral sex and fingering and I was feeling more and more in love with him, I wanted to lose my virginity to him.

The only thing that stopped me was I had always felt that since our relationship was so turbulent, virgins with him seemed like it would've just ended up hurting me in the end. Overall, the fact that I hadn't had sex yet and wanted to and that push and pull in my mind felt like a constant pressure.

Now I regret not doing losing my virginity to him. I've never really had a relationship. In high school I had an intense relationship with a girl I met at a summer program.

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In hindsight, I was really depressed and so was she, and I felt like she was the only person in the world who understood me. She was attracted to me and I liked that, so I convinced myself I must be into her physically too. We started fooling around, but it only lasted five minutes and I cried afterwards. I told her I pretty crying because we didn't live near each other and couldn't be together, but really I didn't want to have sex and felt ashamed that I'd used her emotionally and told her I wanted to have sex when I didn't.

Years later I wrote her a letter apologizing for leading her on, but I never heard back. I felt guilty about that for a long time, but I've forgiven myself now. I was 16, and really deeply unhappy, and the boys I liked weren't into me, and I just took whatever affection I could get.

After that I never had any real romantic experiences until college. I made out with a few guys at parties and once with a close male friend. Over the years I've met a couple guys I've liked enough to make out with but it's never been a situation that could turn into dating. I've gone on dates with guys, mostly via Tinder and Hinge, young it never leads anywhere. I enjoy my own company and xxx spoon sex position pictures my own space and I find dating really exhausting.

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Most of my friends are in relationships or are gay women, so I tend not to meet people other than via online dating, and it's so easy to write people off on dating apps. Like, why should I invest two weeks of my life texting this stranger and then meeting up when I probably won't like him anyway?

I have never had a serious, committed boyfriend. Most guys where I live and in my age range aren't looking for a serious relationship, which is what I want, as opposed young the rampant hookup culture that's surrounding my generation.